Freeways, interstates safer that side, rural roads

Motorists travel on Interstate 5 on Friday, Aug. 31, in Bellingham.

Motorists journey on Interstate 5 on Friday, Aug. 31, in Bellingham.

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Question: I consider that research present after altering an intersection to a roundabout, there shall be extra crashes within the roundabout than an intersection, however the crashes will probably be less critical in the roundabout. Might there be an identical phenomena regarding aspect roads and expressways?

For instance, if I travel from Fairhaven to the airport, would I be extra apt to have a collision if I took aspect roads than if I took Interstate 5, but when I had a crash on a aspect street, wouldn’t it in all probability be much less severe than if I had one on the expressway?

Answer: You’re 83 % right concerning the research on roundabouts and collisions (and I simply made up that proportion).

But the following percentages have been decided by precise researchers: A national research by the Insurance coverage Institute for Freeway Safety discovered that roundabouts decrease deadly crashes by ninety %, damage crashes by seventy five %, pedestrian collisions by 40 % and general crashes by 37 %.

Nevertheless, those research targeted totally on single lane roundabouts.

The identical organization studied our first two two-lane roundabouts on Guide Meridian and found that critical crashes have been equally decreased, but there was a rise in crashes that only resulted in property injury. The research was completed within the yr after the roundabouts have been installed, when many…

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